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 We Teach Motivated Moms How To Create Additional Income Streams Online Without Taking Time Away From Their Family
Hey Momma, here's the scoop:

We are re-recording 7 foundational videos from our $3000 Amazon FBA course for stay at home moms (and anyone else who wants to create a stay at home business)

 IF you join our 7 Day Challenge, you will get this valuable training for a fraction of that price.

Listen to Nicole's experience and how this challenge has shifted her family's finances forever.
Nicole has won our "Grand Rainmaker" award. This means she has hit the $1000/day level in her business.

Since launching Rainmakers Academy we have given away 6 Grand Rainmaker Awards and 23 Benjamin Club Awards ($100/day level). Our mission is that through Rainmakers we can empower families everywhere to create a financially free lifestyle.
Starting February 6th, Get 7 Days of Passive Income Training From Stephen & Chelsey, Founders of Rainmakers Academy.
We hold nothing back teaching how to start your own "hands off" business and this is why people have previously paid over $3000 for this information alone.

Learn this repeatable method of creating wealth through a little known method of selling on Amazon™ and become our next case study like the ones you see below.

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Bonus #1: Learn How To Build Your Business During Nap Time. Bonus Exclusive Training With Rainmaker Nicole, Host of the Mompreneur Podcast & Creator of the JoJo
As we started training people in the ways of Amazon FBA we noticed our students having the most success were Mompreneurs! For that reason we brought on Mompreneur expert Nicole, who lucky for us is in the Rainmaker family. She's also a coach for Mompreneurs around the world. In this training, you're learn how to balance building a business and life. Hear her secrets of how she built the JoJo brand during her son's nap time.
Bonus #2: No Idea What To Start Selling On Amazon™? Neither did Heather when she started too, now she's bringing in over $250,000 per year on her "side hustle". We'll show you a way to scrape Amazon's database and discover the best products for passive income using a special tool.
"I have already exceeded the goal I set for myself of reaching $250,000 in sales for 2019. That's over a quarter million dollars in sales!!! I don't share this to brag, but to say WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! You can do this, too!!

I've been able to stay home more with my daughter, purchase our dream home and grow my business, all while selling products that I created myself and am passionate about. It's not an MLM or a "get rich quick" scheme - it is hard work and it's not for everyone. It's creating your own business and your own products. I owe all of my successes to Stephen & Chelsey Diaz and their amazing training that taught me exactly how to create and source my own products to sell on Amazon. -Heather"
Bonus #3: We'll Show You An Insider Way To Get Products From Amazon™ for $0, While Growing Your Business At The Same Time.
If this sounds crazy...It is! Wait until you see how this little Amazon™ hack works works!
Bonus #4: We'll Gift You Our Power Profit Tool. This Tool Is Normally $197, But You Will Get It For Free. It Has Saved Me And Our Students THOUSANDS From Easy To Avoid Math Mistakes.
Selling on Amazon™ without this tool is like like trying to use an old fashioned map instead of GPS on a road trip. Things take longer and you will most likely end up lost!

When you work with our Power Profit Tool it gives a boost in confidence about which products are good opportunities to make passive income from. It will melt away the stress of trying to "run the numbers" yourself. 

Just plug in any product idea you have into the Power Profit Tool and using the method we will teach you, you will find out instantly if that product is one that can make you money or not!
Bonus #5: We'll Give You Access To Our Followers To Dollars Instagram™ Course At No Additional Cost.
After you find a product opportunity to sell on Amazon™, we teach our students how to grow their IG accounts before they even launch their products. Do you think you could run a successful business with 25,000 followers on IG? Above are screenshots from a couple of our students who have used our methods to blow up their business through social media! We'll give you full access to this Instagram Course which you can log into and watch at your convenience!
Bonus #6: How To Take A Product Idea From Your Head To A Reality We'll Introduce You To Our Personal Sourcing Agent.
If you are new to ecommerce (selling products online) you may not realize how valuable this is. We've actually protected this information outside of Rainmakers Academy for a long time, but are finally going to release it.

This ONE bonus alone is worth 1000x the price of this low priced 7-Day Challenge...Here is why:

To sell physical products you will need reliable manufactures you can trust who can produce your products at a low price. Many people rely on websites like Alibaba to connect with suppliers overseas and they hope and pray they don't get scammed.

Our sourcing team takes this uncertainty out of the picture so you can focus on the growth of your new business and not the logistics. They are USA based, with over 1000+ fully vetted international manufacturers overseas.

Bonus #7: Chance To Win Prizes When You Tune In LIVE.
During the 7-Day LIVE training we want you to show up LIVE so we can answer any and all of your questions LIVE. If you show up live, you'll have a chance to win some awesome prizes! We'll choose a random winner at the end of each day to take home the "prize of the day"! This is just our fun way of saying THANKS for tuning in LIVE and reward you for being serious about your new business!
Meet Your 
Coach and Mentor Team
Stephen & Chelsey Diaz
Stephen and Chelsey are well known for their photography and filmmaking business in the wedding industry, but after years of "trading dollars for hours" they took on the adventure of learning to generate passive income. By honing their strengths and hiring out their weaknesses they have built multiple 6 figure brands. In 2017, they turned their attention to helping others achieve the same through coaching and passive income consulting through Rainmakers Academy. On Christmas Eve 2019, they welcomed their son Kaizen into the world. For them making more passive income excites them because it allows more family time and more generosity to those around.
  •  Helped over 100 people build online passive income businesses in the past year: across multiple industries around the world.
  •  Featured in International publications read by 100,000's of entrepreneurs. 
  •  Speaks at leadership events on the topic of increasing your passive income and influence.
  • ​ Most Importantly: Love having financial freedom to stay at home, run businesses in their pajamas, and raise their son with a heart of generosity.
Discover What Has People 
Raving About Working With Stephen & Chelsey at Rainmakers Academy
See Why Rainmakers Academy Will Soon Be The #1 Online Training Program and Community For Stay At Home Moms Who Want To Build Passive Income Online
Do You Want To Learn The Same Strategy We Used To Earn Over Six Figures On This SIDE HUSTLE In Our First Year?
Do You Want To Learn The Same Principles Our Students Have Taken Action On To Earn Over Six Figures In The Last 18mo?
Take it from Heather, who posted this in September of 2019 after she and her husband just purchased their DREAM home.
In Each Day of This 7-Day Live and Highly Interactive Learning Experience You're Going To Get Answers To Your Biggest and Most Important Questions and Concerns When It Comes To Making Passive Income Through Amazon FBA
Day 1: Where Do I Even Get Started? 
What is Amazon FBA? How does it work? During this day we'll share the #1 hack to be successful with this business.

Day 2: How Much Time Does This Take? 
We'll reveal exactly how much time you need (you'll be surprised how little it is)

Day 3: How Much Money Do I Need? 
We'll go over how much we recommend investing into your business to start and I'll show you how to use our Power Profit Tool (our gift to you) to take calculated risks that pay off!

Day 4: Are there ways to make this easier and more passive? What if I don't have any product ideas?
We'll show you the essential tools that will take you from beginner to pro in under an hour and I'll show you live how simple it is to discover hidden product opportunities you would never think to sell on Amazon.

Day 5: How Do I Find Highly Profitable Products To Sell on Amazon?
We'll teach you 4 MUST KNOW product qualifiers that I take into consideration every time we consider a new product to sell on Amazon.

Day 6: How Do I Go From A Product Idea To Physical Reality? 
We'll show you exactly how, step by step. This one day's training will change your life forever and you could build an entire business model on what I'll teach you during this hour. 

Day 7: How Do I Accelerate And Take My Business To The Next Level? 
We'll show you the #1 secret to success when it comes to this business and how our Rainmakers Academy students have used this process to make more than they ever dreamed was possible passively online.

The sales figures stated above are Stephen&Chelsey's personal sales figures and students of Stephen&Chelsey's personal sales figures. Please understand our results and our student's results are not guaranteed. We are not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). We have the benefit of practicing passive income generating techniques for 7+ years, and have an established skillset as a result. Information without action is worthless. If you buy Rainmakers Academy information and do not take action you will get little to no results. We use these real references for inspirational purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors … including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please do not join the challenge or apply for Rainmakers Academy.

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